Ways To Thrive As A Stay At Home Parent

May 30, 2019

Be present because this time will go fast.

Many parents miss and reminisce about the days when their children were infants. Practice being present with your child, despite all that you have to do. Set boundaries and time limits to when you’re using your smart devices. Bring your positivity and presence into what you’re doing, no matter the task.

Get organized and set up your systems so that you know what to do at any given time.

Find a place for every item you own and put things back in their place every time, or at a specific hour. Staying organized will become a habit.

Identify the tasks that you should automate and delegate.

Just because you’re a stay at home parent doesn’t mean that you need to do every household chore.You only have so much time and energy in your day. Ensure that you spend it on tasks that are most important, like taking care of yourself and your baby. Can you have groceries and baby items delivered to your home? Where else can you get help? Can you hire a housekeeper and send out your laundry to get done?

Acknowledge that as a new parent, you’re living your purpose and being productive.

Your child is your number one priority right now. You may feel as though your primal instincts have taken over and that is exactly how it’s meant to be. Your purpose right now is to nourish your baby, and give your baby your love, human touch and connection. Now, I also believe that what you provide for your baby is synonymous to what you need as a new parent—nourishment, sleep, love and connection. Take care of these basic needs for you and your baby, and you’ll be productive on purpose.

Find a supportive community.

Staying at home to raise children can feel isolating at times. Know that you’re not alone. Join a few parent groups either online or in person. There are many inviting groups of parents who share their struggles, blessings, lessons and offer positive support to one another.


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